शनिवार, 14 नवंबर 2015

Reluctant Embrance

- Is One of my favourite poem, which is worded by my daughter Nancy Bindal .
जब Nancy की यह कविता मैंने  पहली बार पढ़ी तो इसके शब्दों ने मुझे अंदर तक झकझोर दिया , लगा भूकम्प आ  गया है । अब महसूस करती  हूँ कि  कब हम दिमागी और वास्तविक रूप  से स्वतंत्र होंगे लिंग भेद को लेकर ?

Reluctant Embrace

Nine months were done,but `that hour ' lay,
Swaying between hope and despair 
My "unwanted angel" you ushered out 
Crying lamentations that we  now share.

The womb that bore you so long, 
Wish would have carried a son instead
I'd lived my life as a woman, child
It called upon you , to walk ahead .

No flower offered to the temple Gods,
Not a conch shell blown the day you were born
The mantras were chanted in frenzy 
Your life , your destiny, deliberately torn .

Shackled by chains , given in early marriage
Educate to assist ,not to debate 
Your ideology fainted in mute protests
Alas ! That was to instruct, not educate!

Adorned in bridal finery for the world to know 
You lay here dead, unloved and unmourned
An accidental fire or a dowry death ?
Confined to a statistic in police records .

Your life was brief and best forgotten
A subject of pain and disgrace
My girl I offer you the reasons herein
That justify my reluctant embrace !!

-Nancy Bindal

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Nice one :) :) :)

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